Sunrays stream out from a bright white sun in a yellow sky.

Mission and Values

Two people silhouetted against a sunrise push giant puzzle pieces together, representing counselling therapist and client cohesion and collaboration.

So much depends on the relationship you establish with your counsellor. See if my mission and values align with the support you're looking for.


My mission is to create a safe and supportive place for people to discover and be who they really are, in relationships and individually.


I truly value the often remarkable restorative power of the therapeutic relationship because I've witnessed the extraordinary insights my clients can develop with that level of support.

I value the benefits your experience in relationships with others can provide in helping you understand and ultimately appreciate yourself.

I value the potential those same relationships, especially primary (romantic) relationships, have to become an environment in which you can fully express who you really are. For most of us, this doesn't just happen, and it can be very difficult to get there on our own. Often we require a kind of safe harbour in which we receive caring and non-judgemental support to take a deep, authentic look at our lives. My intention in Core Essence Counselling is to be that safe, supportive harbour.

I value human connection. That connection is the foundation for the surprising changes that can occur as a result of therapeutic counselling

I value honesty, authenticity and integrity. I'll tell it to you straight, and I expect you to do the same for me.

I value mutual respect and an appreciation of the concept that we are all on this journey together.

I value courage. I appreciate the courage it takes to engage in therapy, and I don't take your courage for granted.

I value forgiveness, not as a passive dismissal of boundaries, but as an energetic quest to reclaim our inherent power.

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